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Lower Antelope Canyon is located several miles from Upper Antelope Canyon. It is in the V shape and shallower than the Upper Antelope. Lighting is better in the early hours and late morning. Lower Antelope Canyon draws a considerable number of photographers.
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Antelope Canyon Reviews

  • Na**er
    2020-01-19 21:50:56

    So far have had a great experience booking this tour. I needed help and did the chat option with an agent and they helped me resolve the issue and pick out the best time for the tour. Highly recommend. Can't wait to do the tour!

  • Su****er
    2020-01-16 21:20:09

    booking for very seamless and information provided for the tour is enough for anybody to understand the whole tour experience. Best rates given for booking. Thanks

  • al******sa
    2020-01-16 05:31:48

    easy to book and nice platform

  • Je***ey
    2020-01-10 05:49:14

    What a pleasure! We had Mike as our guide---he was great. He adjusted our cameras for the most spectacular shots. Played those controls of the camera like he was playing a piano at a concert. Great experience!

  • je**********97
    2020-01-07 20:04:20

    The Shopping experience was fast and simple. I was able to get a quick confirmation through my email without any problems. I was pretty happy about the experience.

  • Ha*****re
    2020-01-07 02:28:35

    Good help fast response.

  • C**dy
    2020-01-06 10:12:06

    We had a very knowledgeable guide and enjoyed the tour very much.

  • ju*********ra
    2020-01-06 09:24:19

    it's good experience

  • sl**02
    2020-01-05 18:06:58

    Mike was a great tour guide and everything was ran efficiently. Would maybe recommend a private tour depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

  • Li****76
    2020-01-05 04:52:29

    Good and clear information.

  • Li****76
    2020-01-05 04:50:47

    Process clear and inform to guest quick

  • ra************90
    2020-01-04 19:02:36

    Awesome experience. The lower antelope canyon surpassed my expectations. Beyond beautiful! Would highly recommend :)

  • ch*****s4
    2020-01-04 13:19:29

    The online booking process was easy & although we weren't able to get our first choice of time slots, staff responded quickly via email and helped us find an available reservation that worked. They were very professional, friendly & helpful. We can't wait to get there!

  • ni***********ux
    2020-01-04 03:45:34

    Hi, Just a quick suggestion/recommandation : before sending the customer satisfaction survey, it should better to send first the order confirmation (while the credit banking recording is proceed). See you next summer ! Regards Nicolas

  • a**on
    2020-01-03 18:39:08

    Awesome view and professional tour guide


1. Can I go to Upper/Lower Antelope Canyon by myself?

No, the Antelope Canyon is protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation and only authorized tour companies can take visitors to the canyon. Safety and preventing vandalism is the main reasons why everyone needs a guided tour; the canyon became unavailable to the public in 1997. One Cannot go alone, you have to be with an authorized tour company.

2. Is pet allowed in the Upper/Lower Antelope Canyon?

We are sorry! Due to the wide range of people that go into the canyon, no pets allowed on tour.

3. Can I bring tripod?

Tripods can only be used on Photographic Tour. But mono-pods are allowed on our Sightseer's Tour (for now).

4. What can I bring on canyon tour?

No bags of any kind are allowed. Visitor can bring camera (handheld cameras, no tripods), water bottle, cell phone (no selfie).

5. How can I book photographic tours?

To reduce the walk through traffic and make most people's visit more pleasant, all photographic tours have been discontinued since Dec 2019. We continue to offer sightseer's tours and visitors can still take wonderful photos using all kinds of handheld cameras and cell phones. The difference is you will not be able to using tripod and selfie.

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